26. 08. 2021
At the beginning of the summer, the capital's public bike service was renewed from stem to stern. MOL Bubi has been fully reloaded: it has taken over the streets of Budapest with easy-to-ride bicycles, more user-friendly registration, brand new app and website, and favorable prices. Our job was to make sure everyone in the digital space was aware of this!
04. 06. 2021
We do not let our customers miss the most important news and forecasts of this year. Check out the details of our 2021 trend presentation!
07. 04. 2021
Dr. Oetker chose us to Ristorante brand first digital-focused image campaign's media partner.
02. 07. 2021
When we need to make it big from little: see how AMC's summer launch campaign came together!
13. 04. 2021
We asked our Art Director colleague Bolla Fanni to introduce us to the UI trends of recent years. In the first part of our article, you can read about the styles that have been dominant for a long time
01. 04. 2021
At the end of the first quarter of 2020, Ferenc Novák, our head of the social media business unit, gave two training. You can now read a summary on these, click for more details!
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