12. 01. 2022
Raja, one of the largest distributors of packaging materials in Europe, has arrived on the Hungarian market, and we have been asked to help with the introduction. In the case of a B2B target group, the challenge is always bigger, but we love challenges, so the targeted campaign started in December!
03. 12. 2021
As an honor, our colleague was invited to a panel talk analyzing the current state of e-commerce marketing. Influencers, generational crisis, international vs. domestic, the recipe for the perfect campaign – all were on the table.
04. 11. 2021
Neo Interactive’s digital webinar series has arrived at its second act. The course exploring last year’s social media trends, has been hugely popular, with more than a hundred people listening to our lecture. If you are wondering what you have missed, read on!
04. 01. 2022
The holidays didn’t deter us from holding our 3rd digital webinar before the big lay-back season. In the latest seminar, we focused on global and domestic esports as well as gaming markets to find out where the segment currently stands and what are the advertising opportunities for the industry.
18. 11. 2021
"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" Still another month until the familiar melody, but many have already reached the most wonderful time of the year, the time of Black Friday promotions! As for many years, this year we have collected the best offers on HelloBlackFriday.hu again.
02. 11. 2021
The big day has arrived! After the physical copy, you can now virtually take advantage of our publication summarizing the most significant digital media and marketing trends of the past year. Why "flip through"? This is why:
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