04. 01. 2022
The holidays didn’t deter us from holding our 3rd digital webinar before the big lay-back season. In the latest seminar, we focused on global and domestic esports as well as gaming markets to find out where the segment currently stands and what are the advertising opportunities for the industry.

Streamers, esportsmen, gamers, mobile games, and hardware – a multi-component industry with a current income of $ 1 billion globally and HUF 50 billion in Hungary. Like many digital players, the pandemic has given a huge boost to a segment that has already been growing steadily for years. In 2021 roughly 640,000 Hungarians played regularly, which is exactly the number of consumers, typically ad avoiders, who can be reached with well-targeted advertisements through video game related content.

Neo's two colleagues, Feri and Marci, and Péter Mezei, the head of Lenovo's Honvéd Esport division, dug into the deeps of the market during the roundtable discussion. In addition to interesting numbers and phenomena (e.g. Snoop Dogg also streams video games), there was talk of the relationship between esport and traditional sports, esport divisions and leagues. As well as the fact that more and more companies and brands are recognizing the potential of the indusrty and participating as either sponsors or advertisers. In addition to online appearances, offline events and competitions are also becoming more frequent thanks to a facility called Gamerland, created specifically for this purpose.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but don't be very upset if you missed it – we'll be repeating the webinar in the coming months! You should check our webinar page regularly to make sure you don’t miss out on your favorite topics.

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