11. 10. 2021
Knowledge is best when it’s shared. Following one of our main neo principles, we have launched our webinar series, where we try to acquaint all those interested with the mysteries and trends of the digital world. In the first act, the recent changes in the media market were under scrutiny.

As most of our life moved to the virtual space during the pandemic, significant changes have taken place in the media market. Hundreds of applicants wanted to know what these exactly were and what to expect in the near future. Our media business unit leader, Judit Benkő was giving an hour long, professional presentation to the participants who listened carefully, then asked questions mainly about situation of third-party cookies and the decline of listing pages.

If you missed it, you don’t have to worry, as the Book of Digital Media Facts 2021 will be available in digital form soon, so you can learn quite a lot about the topic. Meanwhile, the webinar train continues to rumble on October 21st, as the year’s social media trends will be on the table. If you’re interested in how the pandemic has transformed the world of social media and consumer habits, sign up! Participation is completely free, but if you don’t sign up in advance, you’ll miss the Zoom link.

Latest news
Our 6th digital webinar was held on May 26, with an overview of digital trends in 2023.
17. 06. 2022
Our 5th webinar, titled Beyond the Metaverse and Blockchain was full of anticipation, not only within the office, but also among our participants!
31. 03. 2022
Protechtor has recently held a roundtable discussion: Changing generations and consumer habits entering the Metaverse, which Ferenc Novak, Social media & Integrated communication business unit leader of Neo attended, as well.
12. 03. 2022
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