12. 11. 2020
In our latest article, you can read about the behind-the-scenes campaign of the MOL Drive campaign runned at the end of 2020 summer and about how optimizing can lead to outstanding results.

MOL Drive launch (media strategy report)

MOL Drive travel magazine was launched in July, replacing Fresh, MOL’s previous free print publication. While Fresh focused on lifestyle, Drive is for those who are on the road, to travelers. In addition to the printed version, which appears in 110,000 copies, Drive online platform launched in August.

The goal of our one-month media campaign was to promote the newly launched online interface and drive as much traffic as possible.

To reach those who are interested in Drive's topics through digital channels as well, we built a complex targeting system. In addition to demographic and geo-targeting, we also targeted our ads based on interest and behavior, so we could reach the target group, who are interested in themes like driving and traveling.  To help build awareness and be hearable in advertising noise, we preferred large, spectacular creative solutions. In addition to the eye-catching display appearances of Hungarian sales houses, we also designed them with a unique format, such as login sponsorship on the relevant holtankoljak.hu website.

The campaign’s programmatic part supported our awareness and traffic goals too. These have been complemented by native appearances in the form of end-of-article referrals and image-text ads. Because content-embedded (native) ads are part of pages, users are less likely to see them as ads, more like to click on them.

Campaign performance metrics (KPIs) for both cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) and one-click (CPC) were a fraction of the average cost-per-acquisition. We reached almost 70 million contacts, 90% of which were large-scale, brand-building displays. In one month, we generated two hundred thousand clicks from the campaign on the landing page, where users who arrived there viewed more than three pages on average. Preliminary estimates were exceeded by more than 50% due to continuous optimization.

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