23. 09. 2019
Molcsapat.hu, Béresmozgás.hu, Sütnijó!, Book of Digital Media Facts (DMTK), En-ter!Digital® – what connects them? Each is owned media operating with the pur-pose of branding i.e. brand media – and all of them are created by us.


The first three are operated for our Clients (just like former Hyper PricesWhiskyology.com or Lidlkonyha brand media), the latter two are neo's own brand media, both with the main theme of brand media itself this year. In DMTK 2019, which can also be downloaded digitally, we are dealing in detail with the direct brand economy trend and the brands' own media within. Our latest Enter!Digital® conference organized in the framework of the Great Creative Brand Day at the beginning of September, under the title “Brand Media”, became a sold-out event on the A38 Ship to our greatest satisfaction. It is also a pleasure for us that our content marketing and brand media building knowledge is not only acknowledged by the profession in this form, but also honored by the Content Marketing Award prizes that we received in the past two years for creating and producing Molcsapat, Lidlkonyha or DMTK.


The definition of brand media can be found here: www.markamedia.hu


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