04. 11. 2021
Neo Interactive’s digital webinar series has arrived at its second act. The course exploring last year’s social media trends, has been hugely popular, with more than a hundred people listening to our lecture. If you are wondering what you have missed, read on!

How much is left for Facebook? Is TikTok really unavoidable? How did the pandemic affect social media? Anyone who participated in the presentation of our social media and integrated communication business unit leader, our colleague Ferenc Novák, already knows all this and more. For example, what trends shaped the influencer appearances in 2021, or what the main social trends will be in 2022. But we won’t hurt your heart any further, if you’re interested in it all, download the  Book of Digital Media Facts here - you’ll find most of the info here as well!

Record participation was accompanied by record interest as there were plenty of questions at the end of the presentation. The audience was most interested in the future and role of podcasts, as well as how to make the most of Pinterest. We hope that everyone has received a satisfying answer and we can expect at least as much interest in our next presentation. We will inform you soon about the exact details!

Latest news
Our 6th digital webinar was held on May 26, with an overview of digital trends in 2023.
17. 06. 2022
Our 5th webinar, titled Beyond the Metaverse and Blockchain was full of anticipation, not only within the office, but also among our participants!
31. 03. 2022
Protechtor has recently held a roundtable discussion: Changing generations and consumer habits entering the Metaverse, which Ferenc Novak, Social media & Integrated communication business unit leader of Neo attended, as well.
12. 03. 2022
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