02. 11. 2021
The big day has arrived! After the physical copy, you can now virtually take advantage of our publication summarizing the most significant digital media and marketing trends of the past year. Why "flip through"? This is why:

There are traditions that are not worth of breaking, therefore we do not want to. Publishing the Book of Digital Facts (DMTK) every year is exactly like that. Since 2008, we have been collecting the most defining factors of the online world so our readers can stay up-to-date and prepared. This year’s edition is especially exciting, as it was written on the margins of a period that is completely unique not only in our digital, but in our real lives as well.

The pandemic lifted sectors high and pushed into the deep all at once. It is as if a steroid has been injected into the digital world: web shops have multiplied their normal traffic, the number of viewers of streaming services has reached ceilings, meanwhile audio social and e-sports are not only for subcultures anymore. And these are just some of the glaring results of consumers stuck in the virtual world and changing their habits.

The DMTK 2021 is waiting for you with more than 50 pages of market analysis, success stories and forecasts. We don’t want to waste more time; this year’s edition is available here!

Latest news
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17. 06. 2022
Our 5th webinar, titled Beyond the Metaverse and Blockchain was full of anticipation, not only within the office, but also among our participants!
31. 03. 2022
Protechtor has recently held a roundtable discussion: Changing generations and consumer habits entering the Metaverse, which Ferenc Novak, Social media & Integrated communication business unit leader of Neo attended, as well.
12. 03. 2022