Native campaign for the Danubius Hotels Group
How can we build brand relevance and generate traffic by content marketing bought from media?


Let us design a native campaign that develops our autumn creative concept “from bustles to bubbles”.


We have created a column with the title of “Relax” at the portal 24.hu. The opening page of the column was accessible by clicking on a separate “open the menu” button, which appeared on the header of each online page of the portal.

We created 10 editorial contents and a classic PR article in this topic by cooperating with the editorial staff of the portal 24.hu. The contents are a series of 9 written interviews and a video interview that were placed into our “Relax” column. We asked certain people to be interviewed who could give useful advice about how to relax either because they are professionals or because they have a serious hobby that can help them achieve quality relax time.

The titles of the interviews are the following:

They wake up at 5 o’clock and they ride their bike for many miles but they are full of energy for the whole day.

We visited a group of friends on one of their daily bike tours. Members of the Coffeeride group start their workday by riding 40 to 55 miles on their bicycles.

We need to pay attention to four things if we want to sleep well.

It is important when and what circumstances we fall asleep according to Éva Fogarassy, a sleep  therapist.

Here is the one million dollar question: How can we long for doing sports activities?

We talked with a fitness coach Gergely Máramarosi about how we could make sport activities part of our everyday lives and how can we find our inner balance.

Here is a sport that brings balance to our life

Yoga is not only a physical activity but also a way of life. We interviewed Erika Tőzsér about the beneficial effects of yoga to our body and how yoga can be an active tool for stress reduction.

Pick up a brush and paint a picture to relieve stress!

There are more and more people who discover painting as a way to relive the stress of our everyday life.

How can you take the matter into your hands? Stress relief by hands

What are the signs that tell you that you need a massage because your state of well being is probably too low?

Just as our organ mechanism needs nutriments, our soul needs relaxation, as well.

It can be helpful if we take our recreation as a task to be fulfilled.

Doing nothing can be a reward to ourselves

There are many people who are afraid to allow themselves some time for relaxation. This is the experience of the coach Noémi Belavári.

Running is an effective tool to overcome stress

People who go running regularly can handle stress much better than those people who don’t do any sport. Running is one of the best protective tools to gain mental health and win against attacks of bad mood.

Stress relief in winter makes you lose weight and gives you a good warm up (X)

Stress relief in winter makes you lose weight and gives you a good warm up, too. Are you fed up with the Christmas preparations? Have you had enough of the rush of the end of the year? Do you want to get over with the cold and the darkness of winter?...


We made sure that Danubius Hotels’s message visually appeared in the environment of all of the contents that we created, in the background or on the bridge banner or on the static screen display on mobile phones in such a way that every background display showed a mood board was related to wellness and which created a calm atmosphere. In addition to these images the related bridge banners showed four different destinations and Health Spa Hotels of the Danubius Hotels Group. These destinations are the most famous wellness locations in Hungary: Hévíz, and Hévíz Aqua, Sárvár, and Bük. The bridge banners advertised 35% discount offers at these destinations in a rotational manner. 



There was always an advertorial with an active link given on the bottom of each article and that connected the basic message of the article to the Danubius spas and hotels. Although the displays disappeared after the deadline of the prepaid campaign period the advertorials remained accessible for visitors of the portal even after the removal of the displays. This means that when people arrive at these articles from browsing the net by a google surface they meet the message of wellness and they can visit the webpage of the Danubius Hotels.




We created 10 exciting contents that built relevance and which provided more than 530.000 ad impressions and this created a click-through rate that was several times higher than the average CTR.

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