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Our Credo


In the third year of the third millennium, when we embarked on the adventure that continues to this day, digital or (as we prefer to think of it) interactive communication was still only a faint vision of the future in the minds of many. In business terms: the very last row in an Excel spreadsheet. And still, we had faith in it!

We felt that this was the right direction: conversation instead of clamor, precise targeting instead of waste coverage, content instead of announcement, selfhood instead of masses. Of course, the new and progressive technology was the driving force behind these changes and opportunities for transformation. Standing on this ground, we evangelized, innovated, experimented, and sometimes failed, but overall, we moved forward into the unknown full of curiosity and ambition. Looking back, it was a revolution, and we were at the front on the barricades. 

And by now we have reached the goal since the communication industry has completely changed. What was once a dream has now become a daily practice along the lines of established standards - also shaped by us.
So, we have a new task these days: to preserve the values we have achieved! To maintain the good, the quality, not to allow negative side effects, and to ensure sustainability, long-term operation, and the background conditions for actionable knowledge. Both on a corporate and an industry level. This is our credo, and we work in the spirit of this.

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Kepes Katinka
executive director
Varga András
head of media
Tóth Tímea
head of integrated communication
Novák Ferenc
head of social media

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