Scitec Nutrition, a manufacturer and distributor of sport nutrition supplements has a long-term commitment with us

Our task:

One of Europe's leading sports nutrition brands, Hungarian-founded and managed Scitec Nutrition, expanded in 2019 with a new portfolio, the Scitec Gym and Scitec Endurance product families. During our cooperation, we had a dual-task: on the one hand, our mission was to prepare a complete social media strategy for the newly introduced product families in Hungary and the international market, increase the awareness of the new brands, as well as educate consumers. On the other hand, we had to support existing Scitec Pro products with international digital campaigns for brand awareness and sales.

In case of Gym and Endurance - as with the launch of any new (sub-)brands - at the start of the collaboration, the main tasks were to refine the key visuals, create action plans, set up KPIs, and create a content strategy. After that, the daily work could start with the creation of new channels (Hungarian and international) along with the social media strategy. Our specialists took care of the production of the contents of the Gym and Endurance product family in Hungarian, as well as for the international market in English, which was a real challenge in terms of quantity (more than 120 contents per month in Hungarian and English) and complexity: our colleagues were responsible not only for classic post creation, but also for exciting photoshoots, gym and outdoor video filming, creating Spotify running and coaching list and writing various lifestyle articles.

Our other major role was to provide digital media support for Scitec's family of pre-existing products. This included setting up target groups and clusters, as well as hyper-targeting a wide variety of PPC campaigns and launching campaigns extremely quickly; on several occasions we only advertised promotions in close proximity to some stores (for example Lurdy House), and it also happened that we had to launch an immediate campaign on Facebook in response to the communication blooper of a competing brand abroad.

Results in numbers:

• 17,000 new followers gathered on new Facebook channels.

• More than 120,000 interactions since the collaboration began.

• Manage international ads with 51M + reach and 220M + impressions in more than 15 countries.