01. 04. 2021
At the end of the first quarter of 2020, Ferenc Novák, our head of the social media business unit, gave two training. You can now read a summary on these, click for more details!

For years, we have been working with the MOL Alapítvány (the foundation of MOL) to help talents launch their social media careers. Three times so far to athletes, now to young people preparing for a career in art-science, have been given guidance on how to use social media. We have been expert partners of the MOL Alapítvány for a long time, helping the foundation and their talents to find their way in social media.

The aim of the training, which was highlighted by Andrea Gáborné Ház, CEO of the MOL Alapítvány in the beginning, is to give young people a base on the practical use of social media, opportunities, and platforms. Which one should be used to build their brand? How can they get sponsors, sponsors? How can they communicate their professional work (whether artistic or scientific) to the public? In connection with these issues, we drew attention to the following as part of practical training: what to look for on each platform; what solutions are there; what, when, and how many times worth posting. These were important because MOL Alapítvány's goal of raising its reputation with "small ambassadors" on talents community channels.

The training focused on three platforms that are unavoidable in Hungary: Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. Because of artistic and scientific career paths, we also talked about channels that might be of interest to musical talent (Spotify and Youtube), and for graphics-related talents, we went a little deeper into Behance and Instagram platforms too. In addition to these, LinkedIn is also crucial for the scientific group, which channel is worth paying attention to due to the growing user base. In the scientific fields, LinkedIn has relatively lucid advantages, graphic artists have already begun to use it as a portfolio too, and it is also worthwhile for musical talents to keep this interface in mind. We also discussed TikTok briefly, which can be a momentous platform for artistic talent. In the last part of the training, Tamás Veréb, an actor and singer, who once supported MOL Foundation, shared his experiences. He talked about how the singer got started on the field, what platforms he uses, who moderates his channels, how often he posts - showing the practical side of using social media.

Market & Profit Conference

This training was followed a week later by the traditional social media conference of the Piac&Profit (Market&Profit), where we are already returning guests. Here, together with experts from different fields, we go around the most important changes and trends in social media. The first half of my presentation this year was about the evolution of the influencer markets of different sizes and how the pandemic affected the influencer collaborations of 2020. The main topics of the other half of the presentation were chat marketing and chat platforms, including the development of their role last year, the opportunities inherent in them, and the trends of 2021.

How did the influencer market develop compared to 2019? There was an upswing in micro-influencers as a form of collaboration in 2020, and it only came to a halt in the last quarter. However, 2020 has broken the momentum that was previously characteristic of influencer collaborations growing exponentially. Last year brought a temporary stagnation in this market in this respect, but trends in 2021 continue to forecast growth and highlight these two areas: micro-influencer campaigns and the spread of long-term (ambassador) collaborations, as a way of more efficient and cost-effective cooperation in the long run.

During the pandemic, messaging platforms accelerated their already steady growth. Active users have increased by 30-40% and the results of built-in chatbots have also increased - the epidemic gave new momentum to these solutions. By 2021, two worth-seeing trends, chat shops (shopping within chat interfaces) and conversational commerce (conversation, recommendation-based shopping) are expected to strengthen. The most important message is that there is life outside the three biggest social channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube). Brands need to choose the right chat platform (Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger, or anything else) next to the right campaign goal. These interfaces help companies connect instantly and quickly with their followers and customers. It can also be a form of community building, but the emphasis is on thinking on these platforms as well.

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