13. 04. 2021
We asked our Art Director colleague Bolla Fanni to introduce us to the UI trends of recent years. In the first part of our article, you can read about the styles that have been dominant for a long time

1. Neomorphism

This is a trend that has been present for years, in which different elements and surfaces are usually highlighted with shadows in a bright environment, playing with depth and convexity. It gives a pleasant impression, and it is easy to apply. You can easily highlight or hide individual items with it. Previously, the flat trend was preferred, which consisted of simple elements without shadow and depth. This was a monopolistic trend for a long time, and as a reflection of this, the designers wanted a trend with depth, softness, and texture. This is how neomorphism was born.


2. Dark mode

Ever since dark mode appeared on various social networking sites and mobile operating systems, more and more websites and applications are being created in this style. One of the benefits of the dark mode is that it relaxes the eyes, and some colors harmonizes in the dark mode. It reflects a completely different vibe, is much more elegant, and can be used for many things for which a bright theme would be difficult. A good example of this solution from us is the renewed HelloBlackFriday site.


3. 3D illustrations

This has become an absolute trend for a few years, especially in 2020, as high-profile design sites began producing 3D animations and illustrations for UI interfaces. After the flat illustrations completely usurped the market, the refreshing novelties were the 3D, deep, soft, textured illustrations. Good examples of this trend are the illustrations on the Actimel website.


4. Vivid colors

It has been a trend for a long time, and it seems that the use of vivid colors will not disappear from the public consciousness. Many people love this style because it symbolizes dynamism and creativity very well. We created Moneytou in this spirit, but we tried to choose a pleasant combination: the base is bright orange and a deep purple hue. It is a powerful, vibrant combination, yet more restrained than what we usually see.


5. Pastell & monochromatic illustrations

We could also call this trend the opposite of the previous one. It is characterized by much more restrained and harmonious color combinations, attracting attention in a much more sophisticated way than with vivid colors. Monochromatic (single-color) and pastel colors can achieve a deeper effect, even if they do not stand out as much at first as the vibrant world of colors.


6. Boxes on grid

An old trend that may never disappear because it is extremely useful and effective. It is most often used in web shops and image viewers, as well as in places where the individual blocks must be markedly separated – such as HelloBlackFriday.hu. The boxes are usually rounded, usually, we do not use very hard edges or corners in this style.


7. Minimalism

Minimalism is a real evergreen. The point is to get only as much information on a screen as is necessary, plus larger forms and an enormous number of white spaces. They help make it easier to understand, much clearer making the page. White spaces are also necessary because form becomes significant and highlight information – what is in this space must be considered.


8. Geometric structure

A characteristic of this solution is that the corners are not rounded because they focus on coming out of square, rectangular shapes. It blends relatively well with softer shadows and colors. These interfaces are very reminiscent of the layouts seen in newspapers, and web shops selling cosmetics and other women’s products love to use it.


9. Big typography

In recent years, it has become trendy to use huge-sized typos, usually in the first view of the home page. So, as we go to the page, we come across a huge typo that expresses the main message of the page. These typos can be played nicely by expressing different qualities and moods.


10. Brutalism

The point of this is to put together the larger, more eye-catching elements to create an eye-catching composition. Brutalism combines three trends: big typo, vivid color and they prefer to pack built-in images that come out into space and even hang into the typo, illustration. The goal is to make the overall impact as big and compelling as possible.


Cover image by Philip Legierski 

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