02. 07. 2021
When we need to make it big from little: see how AMC's summer launch campaign came together!


AMC kicked off the summer of 2021 with a week-long Hunger Games marathon. We had to plan the online communications for this celebration, with some unique solutions. The main objective of the campaign was to reach and motivate as many potential viewers as possible to watch the films on AMC.


The biggest challenge in designing the campaign was that AMC had no other raw material than the trailer, so the only thing we could count on was stills cut from the film. Our concept was to use the 'must-have' online platforms, but also a creative solution that would make the campaign stand out from the media noise.


We prepared the campaign primarily with programmatic and social media presences, as well as spectacular rich media. We used YouTube pre-roll, video banners, and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest).



We exceeded the expected number of ad impressions (AV, ad view) by 20% compared to the predefined KPI. Our ads achieved high viewability on programmatic channels, exceeding 70%, and more than 60,000 clicks - an excellent click-through rate for ads optimized for reach and video viewing. All in all, we created a successful, complex media campaign that exploited all aspects of online opportunities, and our client was pleased with the results.

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When we need to make it big from little: see how AMC's summer launch campaign came together!
02. 07. 2021
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