27. 10. 2020
At the 2020 Content + Marketing Awards and Influ 2020, we won bronze awards with Telenor’s autumn influencer campaign. Learn all about our award-winning campaign!


At the end of the summer of 2019, we received a brief: plan Telenor's autumn social campaign. The campaign aimed to promote Telenor’s Hipernet through social media under the “#nagyonte” platform.


Our answer was the #high-fast challenge: two famous influencers had to master their other specialization with the help of Telenor Hipernet - all in two weeks. During this time, the two selected opinion leaders had to teach the other to sing and make a video with a mobile phone. We followed this process through Telenor’s social channels as well as the influencers' pages.


The campaign immediately locked in the hearts of Telenor as well as the followers of the influencers. The two main videos of the challenge flew Telenor to first and third place in the September domestic Youtube rankings, according to data from the Socialbakers social media analysis site. And finally, in October 2020, the industry rewarded our campaign with two awards, giving us the bronze prizes for the CMA (Content + Marketing Awards) 2020 as well as the Influ 2020 competition.

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