Who are we looking for?

Currently we do not have any open jobs, but if you think you can convince us, send us an email to:
karrier@neointeractive.hu !


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Over Budapest

Our headquarters are on Gellért hill, at Gombocz-house. Although reaching here by bike may seem sometimes quite hard to accomplish, the clear air, the birds singing and the view from the top office more than compensates for everything. We arrange a monthly photo exhibition in our cafe; it might be your photos next month. We have a small ‘living-room’, also known as ‘the library’, if you need a little peace to rest in, surrounded by books. Pets are allowed in the office, we have a nice garden terrace and when the weather is fine we have our lunch there. We also have a table football in our dining room, mainly used by our developers. What we do not have is the „where do I park my car?” nervousness, we have neither traffic jams nor smog in our street - basically we are still in the city centre, but above the city.


A picture can say more than words. More pictures say even more!