About us

We established our company in 2002 with two workers, a notebook and an internet connection via modem. Since then we have grown to become the largest independent agency in Hungary, operating in the full service digital arena.

A decade is a long time in this market, so much can happen. Stars come from nowhere and big names can disappear. When we started the business, Facebook did not mean a thing, now Napster and Netscape are forgotten.

Neo Interactive is a stable market participant and operates in exactly the same way as at the very start: a way of thinking which avoids clichés and the average, but instead searches for new ways, with market-building and market-shaping.

In the course of the agency’s operations, we use our own b2c media, we organise ‘experience conferences’, we annually publish the Book of Digital Media Facts and we created the DotcommerceDay, which is a movement held every year; a day for online shopping.

That is why, in Hungary we were the first to open a Google Adwords account and we were the first to do a social media campaign. We continuously keep track of the market environment and we experiment to see which results can easily be built into our daily work. More than 10 years is a long time, but we still believe us to be young, with all the best things and the whole world ahead of us. Looking forward to the future!

Life at Neo!

We have our own headquarter at Gellért hill, where you will find a yellow cube at the entrance. Outstanding talents and outstanding projects are giving us spirit to work every day under the magic number 9. Where ever you are at neo, every room, every space, the garden or the panorama balcony, these all are inspired by us.